• Photocopy

    When a retired old man in Cairo begins to learn about the extinction of dinosaurs, it sets off a series of events that will give his life renewed meaning.

  • Alaslyeen

    “Samir Eliwa is the head of a small family, an employee in a bank for years, but he suddenly gets fired after a decision to reduce labor, which was a shock he couldn’t face his family with, during his search for a job he discovers that his bank account is depleted, few days later he opens the door to find a box with a cell-phone in it and a note to put in his own fingerprint, he watches a mysterious video on the phone about his past, before he receives a phone call that changes his life forever”.

  • one week 2 days
    one week 2 days

    The film follows a loving couple who are experiencing the highs and lows of trying to conceive a baby, the feelings of doubt and the big decision that requires couples to do some serious self-reflecting and communicating

  • Nawara

    Between the alleys of the poor neighborhood and the roads leading to the villas of the luxury compound, Nawara goes back and forth everyday on her way to work, carrying in her journey between these two worlds the worries of the people of her neighborhood and their simple dreams, Nawara didn’t know that the spring of 2011 will bring her what she never expected.

  • Dry hot summers
    Dry hot summers

    “Shawky” is sick, he goes alone to the German doctor who’s visiting the country, who’s gonna tell him how bad his case is, on his way he meets “Doaa”, a lonely girl who’s getting ready for her wedding night, where their fates meet between the journeys of Life and Death in Cairo’s crowded streets, on a Hot Dry Summers day.