Fork and knife
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Written and Directed by Adam Abd elghaffar

Over what looks like a random conversation between two strangers who have just met; they reveal their secrets while tackling subjects of love, marriage and infidelity. They explore their reasons in a very intense dialogue, they accept one another’s cruelty, sarcasm, and marriage advice; until they reach an unexpected choice to reveal the ugly truth and they leave just the way they met… as strangers.

  • Director
    Adam Abd Elghaffar/
  • Screenplay
    Adam Abd Elghaffar/
  • Cinematography
    Omar Abo Douma/
  • Film Score
    Ahmed Elsawy/
  • Art Director
    Karim Yousry/
  • Editor
    Fares Kerim/
  • Costume Design
    Yasmein Mokhtar/
  • Producers
    Safei eldin mahmoud/ Baho Bakhsh/ Amr Koura/ Hani Osama/ Shahinaz Elakad/ Badieh Fatouh/ Dana Ismaeil/ Adam Abd Elghaffar/
image character
Mennah Shalaby
image character
Eyad Nassar
image character
Asser Yassien
image character
Samia Asaad