The Other Cheek
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image movie

Directed by

Sandro Canaan

Written by

Sandro Canaan & Ahmed Ghoneimy

When Nashaat’s daughter is viciously attacked by his neighbor’s’ dog,he is aggrieved to hear claims that she provoked the attack.

Unreconciled emotions lead to a heated confrontation with his ex-wife, leaving the cornered father with no choice but to take out

frustrations on the perpetrator.

  • Director
    Sandro Canaan/
  • DOP
    Guido Raimondo/
  • Art Director
    Farah Morsy/
  • Sound Recordist
    Ziad Ezzat/
  • Sound Designer
    Cedric Kayem/
  • Wardrobe Stylist
    Yara Sameeh/
  • Script
    Sandro Canaan/ Ahmed Ghoneimy/
  • Editor
    Nancy Fares/
  • Producer
    Kawthar Younis/
  • Co Producer
    Alaa Lasheen/
  • Production Consultant
    Safei El Din Mahmoud/