Star Films

Established in 2014, Red Star Films stands as a non conforming entity that constantly pushes the foundation of the market. With a deep commitment to amplify the voices of the global south. Empowering stories to bring forth narratives that challenge, inspire, and captivate audiences beyond borders.

A portfolio of more than 18 films reaping various awards from prestigious regional and international film festivals such as Cannes, Cairo and Rotterdam, reflects our dedication to contribute to the global cinematic landscape through transcending geographical and cultural boundaries, while focusing on exploring the intersection of our common humanity.

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In recent years, Red Star Films has been pushing the local boundaries further, co-producing Iraqi, Sudanese, Syrian, Palestinian and Saudi films. In appealing to a wider audience through creatively reflecting on the social dynamics of various cultures, we hope to shed light on intersectionality. There is an infinite amount of stories that need to be told and we try to play an accumulative role in that intricate process. We seek to work alongside people who are interested in the Global South and who believe that certain issues are transnational whatever color they take.

Meet The Team:

  • Baho Abdulah Bakhsh“CEO”
    Baho Abdulah Bakhsh
  • Safei Eldin Mahmoud“Executive Director”
    Safei Eldin Mahmoud
  • Ahmed Nouh“Financial Manager”
    Ahmed Nouh
  • Rasha Gawdet“Associate Producer”
    Rasha Gawdet