Red Star for Production and Distribution is a leading Egyptian filmmaking company in the Middle East market.

Founded in 2014, Red Star managed to produce 14 films pertaining to various genres and received 60 film awards from profound International film festivals around the world. 14 feature films, 9 short films, and a documentary are the overall outcome of the company’s work.

We take pride in the fact that most of our productions propped first-time directors and screenwriters, making it possible for them to put forth and exhibit their own distinctive visions with the support of established cast and crew members acting as our leaders’ pillars. 

Red Star’s key goal is to bridge the gap between art-house and commercial cinema, creating a milieu in which young filmmakers feel empowered and backed-up enough to experiment without compromising their artistic integrity.

Yasmina, a young Egyptian woman, is suddenly called by her Hungarian friend Yoko to assist her with her secret departure from Cairo in the aftermath of an Italian student’s mysterious death. Trying to cope with the tense situation, they spend their last few hours together in denial and anger of...
When Nashaat’s daughter is viciously attacked by his neighbor's’ dog,he is aggrieved to hear claims that she provoked the attack. Unreconciled emotions lead to a heated confrontation with his ex-wife, leaving the cornered father with no choice but to take out frustrations on the perpetrator.
Faten gets out of jail 20 years after committing a horrible crime. it’s fall of 2013 and Egypt is under a curfew, she is obliged to spend the night with Laila who exposes her to a second trial in search of answers to an unbearable question. Two women seeking acceptance,...
"Halima", a Sudanese henna painter living in Egypt. She goes to one of Giza's local areas to prepare a bride for her wedding and her 7 years old daughter "Ward" accompanies her and starts to wander around and discover the place.
A poor lady decides to enjoy a day out with her son who suffers from Down syndrome. She heads to classy Cairo towns to enjoy some ice-cream but instead, she is faced by great struggle. However, she insists on capturing a happy moment, for both herself and her son
Habib is a barber in his late sixties who works in his own home barbershop. One day he decides to break his daily routine and go through an adventure to delight his wife. Habib seems to be in psychological pain and suffering so much, however he insists on living his...
28 years old Noha goes to pharmacy for buying a condom, her mother shows up. Suddenly to turn the whole situation upside-down and she finds herself struggling with a series of unwanted events.
Over what looks like a random conversation between two strangers who have just met; they reveal their secrets while tackling subjects of love, marriage and infidelity. They explore their reasons in a very intense dialogue, they accept one another’s cruelty, sarcasm, and marriage advice; until they reach an unexpected choice...
"What is the one thing you wish was not forbidden?," Aiesha posts the controversial question in a close Facebook group for her burqa-wearing peers. Aiesha, who is nicknamed among her peers as the fair eyed haori, meets her friend Sally at the mall shortly after the post. Under her burka,...